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We are turning the e-cigarette world up side down by delivering products with pricing that are very competitive as well as including free delivery 

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About E-Cigarettes

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What We Do

E-Cigarettes is a division of EWP - Executive Web Presence. We saw an opportunity to supply products e-cigarettes & e-juice to Australians at competitive pricing so we started this business by first locating e-products at the right price and adding those products to this website. We have done a deal with freight companies who give us a great deal on shipping costs, so we can offer to you free international shipping directly to your door.

Why Use E-cigarettes

By using an electronic cigarette you can change a habit you may have, smoking, cigarettes in Australia are growing in price each month hence making smoking an un-affordable habit, but unfortunately people who smoke are addicted to the habit manly due to the nicotine content in a cigarette. 

The cleaner way for smokers to handle that addiction is to change to vaping, whilst replacing the hand to mouth ritual that smoking provides they can also vape with nicotine, thus using e-cigarettes a few things will change, one cost, purchasing the right equipment and e-juice at the right price they will see their habit change from $200.00 a week too $2.00 a week as well as removing 90% of the toxins that are in cigarettes.

Check out our shop for competitive pricing on all products by clicking the link below, or contact us for more information.


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Ensuring customers are getting the best deals on their vaping needs


Professor talking about using e-cigarettes University of Nottingham
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Our goal is; Supply the most economical products, provide the best customer service which goes to ensuring loyal returning clients .


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