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Myths of Vaping

September 08, 2016

Whats in an E-Cigarette

Do you also believe that e-cigarettes are mysterious and that you do not know what you are consuming and that the contents of it are dangerous? Well, this is not true.

The majority of the e-liquids contain common products that are used in day-to-day life. Most e-liquids contain only vegetable glycerine, food colouring, and polypropylene glycol. Some e-liquids may contain nicotine, however, you have the full freedom to customise e-liquids and choose your own desired nicotine level. This is one of the reasons for the ever-rising popularity of e-cigs as they provide a better control over nicotine levels.

A few rumours also surfaced that one of the major ingredients of the e-liquids, polypropylene glycol, is used in making anti-freeze and is harmful. It is worth mentioning here that polypropylene glycol is used in antifreeze just to neutralise the harmful effects of coolants and anti-freeze.

Formaldehyde is inhaled during vaping

New England Journal of Medicine published a study stating that vaping involves the inhalation of formaldehyde. However, the study was erroneous because they used machines to mimic the vaping action at extremely high temperatures that caused dry puff conditions.

This is in contrary with the common vaping practices wherein a vaper tends to stop vaping as soon as they get a dry puff. This, therefore, concludes that the results associated with the study are not conclusive because the circumstances and conditions for administering the vaping were incorrect.

Vaping is as harmful as smoking

Here is an interesting vaping fact for smokers. By smoking a cigarette, dry tobacco burns along with other harmful ingredients that make up a cigarette. On the other hand, while vaping, the aerosol heats the e-liquid and the only by-product formed is water vapor.

Therefore, the myth that vaping is as harmful as smoking is debunked completely. The living proof of it is the body condition of smokers in comparison to the vapers. As mentioned before, ingredients used to make e-liquids are basic ingredients that are almost harmless whereas cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals. The fact that the diastolic functions are not affected by e-cigarettes also supports the statement that vaping is not as harmful as smoking.

Passive vaping is as bad as passive smoking

Passive smoking can be very dangerous to health and can pose the same health risks as active smoking. This raises the alarm that passive vaping or second hand vaping is also very dangerous. This myth was built around the other myth that vaping leads to inhaling formaldehyde. However, a published study debunked this myth too. It proved that the level of carcinogen contained in second-hand vapor was the same as the levels in the surrounding atmospheric air. The next concern arose regarding the level of nicotine in second-hand smoke. The study rubbished this myth too as it concluded that the level of nicotine was minimal and almost negligible.

Can cause cancer like cigarettes do

Cigarettes contain a large number of harmful chemicals. They also contain tobacco that has the potential to damage the nucleus of every cell in our body. Smoking cigarettes leave behind large deposits of tar in your lungs and mouth as tobacco contains more than seven thousand chemicals out of which seventy are deadly carcinogens.

On the other hand, most e-cigarettes do not even contain nicotine. The few that do contain nicotine cannot cause cancer, as nicotine is not a carcinogen. Further, it should be noted that e-cigarette doesn’t leave any tar behind as it does not contain tobacco. Therefore, vaping cannot cause cancer.

Using e-cigarettes to reduce smoking does not benefit your health

Many researchers state that reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day does not benefit or improve your health. This was a major hit to the vaping industry as most people who cannot use the cold turkey method to quit smoking use vaping inorder to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day and gradually quit smoking.

The final goal is to quit smoking completely and e-cigarettes do help in achieving that. Furthermore, the risk of developing respiratory diseases is lesser when you smoke only a few cigarettes per day when compared to smoking a couple of packs every day. In order to encourage people to quit smoking, vaping can be very helpful.