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Buy E-Liquid with Nicotine in Australia

How to Purchase E-Liquid Legally 

In Australia buying e-liquids or e-juice with nicotine for use with e-cigarettes is illegal through Australian stores. The Government has ruled that nicotine is classified as a poison and products containing poison cannot be sold by stores in Australia for used in consumption without a prescription by a legal medical practitioner. It is legal to import e-liquid with nicotine for personal use.

We at E-Cigarettes Australia sell e-liquids for use in electronic cigarettes with nicotine and non nicotine base products by importing the e-liquid or e-juice from reputable overseas manufacturers and delivering directly to the customers door.

You can purchase e liquids with nicotine for personal use through an online store as long as the product is imported and not stored or sold within Australia. 

E-Cigarettes have not at this stage been classified as a stop smoking aid by the Australia government, but most agree that vaping can be an assistance in reducing the need to smoke cigarettes.

So if you are looking to purchase a product to assist you to stop smoking then e-cigarettes can be a good aid, feel free to browse our website for the product that best suits your needs.


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