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Want to give up Smoking

August 27, 2017


Whether you are a light, medium or heavy smoker it can be hard to give up the habit! Something is telling you it's time to quit smoking, it could be cost, lets face it in Australia the price of a packet is horrendous; or more importantly your not feeling the best because you are smoking. There are a few ways to kick the habit some successful others not so much, so here are some of the ways you can try.

Choices to give up can be

1. Go cold turkey, make the decision and then not touch another cigarette again. Got to admire people who can do that!
2. Use some form of nicotine replacement product like Nicabate or Nicorette where you stick a patch on a part of your body and it injects the nicotine into your system via your pores.
3. Go to the doctors and get a treatment plan where the doctor most likely will put you on a dose of pills which will decrease the urge to smoke.
4. Use a spray which you spray directly into your mouth and it includes doses of nicotine.
5. You could also give chewing gum that includes nicotine.
6. Number six which I have found to be the easiest of all, by using a product that delivers nicotine in a similar fashion to smoking, e-cigarettes.

Smoking is a hard habit to give up, especially if you have been smoking a long time. Most experts agree there are a lot of habitual factors that stems from smoking, one thinking that smoking helps to calm the nerves but in fact it contains stimulants that do anything but calm, in fact it can make you more hyper.

Other that nicotine one of the biggest items to get over when you are trying to give up and that is what to do with your hands? Smoking for a long time develops the habit of hand to mouth, if you have tried to give up before using one of the above 1 to 5 items you will know what I mean. You find yourself missing putting something into your mouth and puffing, this causes more people to taking up the habit again more than the lack of nicotine.

Vaping or using an e-cigarette replaces the hand to mouth whilst delivering a far safer product e-juice, than all of the chemicals that is in cigarettes. See Article E-LIQUID INGREDIANTS

Are you now considering to investigate more into e-cigarettes but not sure what to do next, maybe this will assist. WHY E_CIGARETTES

You are sure that it's time to change the habit but not sure what product or even how to start, then this will help. E_CIGARETTES STARTER KITS 


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