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What to look for when buying an e-cigarette

Types of E-Cigarettes

There are thousands of e-cigarettes on the market, some great, and some not so good. It would take a long time trying to explain or list which brands to stay away from so I will try to make it easier by giving you a quick run down on what to look for.


t22 tank innokin   

Lets start with the clearomiser, it is what holds the e-juice or e-liquid and has some form of atomiser inside and the clearomiser and atomiser is attached to the battery. The top part is usually the mouth piece, which protrudes from the top. A good e-cigarette will have a good solid atomiser with solid construction and the clear or coloured window should be made of a high quality flexible and durable plastic. Lets face it if you drop or stand on it, the last thing you want is for the container (Atomiser) to split, crack or break completely.

The atomiser also should have replaceable sealing rubbers, this is where the container has a point on the top where the liquid is added and is usually where you unscrew it to add the liquid, the seal stops it from leaking. The seals wear out after awhile, so if it has a replaceable one, then all you have to do is carry spares. Now on to the atomiser!  


t18 t22 coils min   

I gave a brief description as what the atomiser is, in the previous information. So what makes a good atomiser? Number one, the atomiser will have a longer durability time if it heats at the correct temperature. There are e-cigarettes on the market that have a variable temperate control, running the e-cigarette at the highest temp shortens the life of the coil/atomiser.

Some atomisers use long wicks to heat the e-liquid and out of all the complaints, they seam to have the most problems. The type most recommend using is the coil type atomiser simular to the picture, the picture is of the Endura T18-T22 coil. It has a wick type material inside the case which is used to heat the e-liquid. 


t18 battery  

The battery should be of an advanced integrated safety protection unit which will guard against overheating and over discharging. This will greatly improve charging safety and overall reliability.

The battery should carry 1000mAh of real battery capacity, it also should be conveniently charged via standard Micro USB port. This elimimantes the need to have different power sockets, make charging a breeze when you are overseas. 


E-cigarettes that are sold by reputable businesses will have a standard warranty for a minum period of 90 days ensuring the product you purchase is covered against melfunctions that may arise during normal functions.

The best way to purchase an e-cigarette is as a kit, known as an e-cigarette start kit. These kits usually have the atomiser, clearomiser and battery included and some have extra mouth pieces, seals and atomisers. If you are still not sure on what e-cigarette to purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us at ECIGARETTES Australia, we will be only to happy to assist you.



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